• Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites

    Welcome to the official site for of Ohio’s Most Endangered Historic Sites.

    This important list highlights important pieces of Ohio history that face an uncertain future, and which deserve the attention of all Ohioans as remnants of the past that merit preservation.

    Each year, Ohio’s statewide preservation organization searches for houses, commercial buildings, governmental structures, bridges, historic roadways, landscapes, downtowns, neighborhoods and other important pieces of Ohio history that face a potentially risky future. The list serves to highlight those properties which are both historically significant and endangered — whether it be by threats of demolition, long-term disinvestment or neglect, insensitive governmental action, uncertainty or indifference.

    Nominations for this important list have come from individuals, preservation organizations, downtown and neighborhood revitalization organizations, historical societies, historic road associations, local governments and other entities. In each case, the property is reviewed for both its value to local, regional, state or federal history, and the nature of the threat involved. Special attention is paid to those sites facing a threat which typifies one facing many of Ohio’s historic resources. Properties remain on the list each year until such time as the threat is lessened.

    Designation is similar to that given for the country’s most endangered historic sites by the National Trust for Historic Preservation — the primary benefit of the list being public attention and focus. The list has received substantial media attention, including coverage in all of Ohio’s major newspapers, as well as in magazines, lifestyle publications and local media.

    2017 marks the 24th anniversary year for this important designation.

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